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Water Well Drilling in Winston-Salem

Welcome to Raymond Brown Well Co.Well Drilling Winston-Salem

Brown Raymond Well Co. offers water well drilling throughout Winston-Salem. Our team is committed to providing the best quality services combined with the highest standards of customer service. We can take care of all of your well drilling and water purification needs. We install some of the industries top quality water purification systems.

Our experienced team has the knowledge and experience to make your water well drilling project a success. We have the tools & equipment necessary to drill safely and effectively. Our team is fully trained on proper well drilling and water purification processes. If you've been considering installing a new water purification system, our team can help!

Is the water in your well running dry? If so, you should contact Raymond Brown Well Co. today.  Family-owned and operated, Raymond Brown Well Co. has been meeting the well and water treatment needs of Winston-Salem and the surrounding area since 1985. We specialize in water well drilling, pump installations, water purification systems & more. Call us today to find out how we can help you!

In addition to installing new wells and water filtration systems, we also provide environmentally-sensitive well abandonment services.  With today's emphasis on water conservation, it has become even more important to properly plug or cap old wells after removing the unused pumps and pipes.

We install water purification systems!

Water Well Drilling Winston-Salem Raymond Brown Well Co. has earned a reputation for doing high-quality and reliable work, thanks to having an experienced team of well drilling and water treatment specialists. We install water purification systems for your home.  We have a 24-hour answering service, so someone will always be available to take your call.  We are state licensed and insured.  Free estimates are available.

Raymond Brown Well Co. provides the following services:

Water Well Drilling Winston-Salem •  Well Drilling - Our well drilling specialists can drill new wells for new homes or existing ones.  We also can drill existing wells deeper.
  Pump Installation - Using the highest-quality materials, we perform pump installation services.  We use all brass fittings and guarantee all work.
  Service Work - We are available 7 days a week to repair any problems that may occur.
  Water Conditioning – Our team of water treatment specialists perform a detailed water analysis to test for iron, PH, hardness, sulfur and other elements.  Using the results from testing, we are able to cure bad wells.
  Hydro Fracturing - Hydro fracturing is a procedure designed to increase the amount of water in existing dry and low yield water wells.
  Well Abandonment - We abandon old wells that are no longer in use.  We comply with all state standards.
  Pump Repair - Call for all submersible pump repairs, including galvanized pipe.

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Well Drilling Winston-Salem Keeping your well water free of harmful contaminants is a top priority for your health and for the environment.  In North Carolina, more than 800,000 citizens draw water from a well.

Here are some frequently asked questions about wells:  

How do I know a good location for my well?   

The location of a well is important.  Water that flows over the land during a storm, also known as storm water, can carry pollutants such as bacteria, oil and pesticides.  Any well that is in the path of storm water runoff can become polluted if storm water runoff flows into a well that is not properly sealed.

Water Well Drilling Winston-Salem Can wells be built near sources of pollution?

North Carolina law does not allow wells to be built near sources of pollution, for water purification concerns.  Separation distances are set by the state in order to make use of the natural protection that soil provides.  Some counties have well ordinances that may vary from the state regulations.  It is important to check with your local health department for this information. 
Is the well protected at the ground surface?

The well is protected at the ground surface by casing, which prevents storm water from entering the well directly. The well code requires that at least 12 inches of casing pipe extend above the ground, after the final grading of the surrounding land. The wellhead should be surrounded, 2 feet in all directions, by a concrete pad, which should slope away from the well. This may vary from county to county. The concrete pad stabilizes the casing and the soil around it, and the slope of the pad keeps storm water runoff from entering the well.

Which types of soils work best for filtering out pollutants?

The ability of soil to filter your water depends on the type of soil around the well.  Since water passes quickly through sand, sandy soil cannot filter out pollutants.  Clay soils are more ideal because water and pollutants move more slowly, giving them more time to filter out pollutants.  Soils high in organic matter also filter pollutants.

Water Purification Systems Winston-Salem What factor does age play for wells?

The age of your well is an important factor in predicting whether your water might be polluted.  A well that was constructed more than 60 years ago is likely surrounded by many activities that can cause pollution.  Older wells typically have a thinner casing that can corrode more easily.  Older well pumps are also more likely to leak lubricating oils into the well.  All of these characteristics of older wells can contribute to the pollution of your well water.  If you have an older well, you may want to have it examined by Raymond Brown Well Co. We also advise that you have your well examined yearly.

Is it better to have my well drilled or dug?

Wells that have been dug rather than drilled, pose the highest risk of pollution because they are shallow and often poorly protected from storm water runoff.

How do you get rid of unused wells?

If unused wells are not properly filled and sealed, they can provide a direct route into the groundwater for storm water runoff carrying pollutants.  A well that has been permanently closed by approved methods is considered an abandoned well.  Unused wells must be properly abandoned. 

North Carolina regulations include the following requirements for well abandonment:

  • If the well owner contracts someone else to abandon the well, it must be done by a certified well driller. 
  • The pump, piping and any other obstructions must be removed from the well.  Casings and screens should be removed if doing so will not cause or contribute to groundwater pollution.
  • Any casing that is not properly grouted must either be removed or properly grouted.
  • The well must be chlorinated to disinfect it before it is sealed.
  • The entire depth of the well must be filled with cement, grout, or clay.  Specific requirements vary according to well type and local geological characteristics.

For over nineteen years, our company has been providing water well drilling services in North Carolina & Virginia. We offer modern well drilling rigs and a dedicated team that installs pumping systems and connects the well to the house.  We offer a variety of pumps depending upon depth and gallons per minute, using only brass fittings or PVC fittings.  We take pride in completing projects on schedule & leaving the work site clean while also offering competitive pricing.  

Proudly serving the water purification needs of the Winston-Salem NC area.

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Brown Raymond Well Co. is the premier water well drilling company in Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas. When you need well drilling, choose a company you can trust to get the job done right. We also install high quality water purification systems. Our experience, combined with our commitment to great customer service, makes us the best choice for all of your well drilling and water purifcation needs. Give us a call today for an estimate.

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